Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Bible Collection (Pt. 1)

…everyday examine the scriptures. Acts 17:11 (GOD’s Word Translation)

The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of GOD lasts forever.Isaiah 40:8 (NLT)

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105 (NIV)

Ever since I was a young girl I’m already fond of collecting books. As a former Catholic I had a huge collection of books written by people who were revered as “holy” and books considered by the Roman church as “doctors” like Teresa of Avila, John of Avila and Therese of Lisieux. The bible or the “holy bible” was just another book for me. I know some of the gospels but I was not really familiar of the books in the old testaments. Aside from Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, and Proverbs, all the other OT books remained unfamiliar to me. When I accepted our Lord Jesus Christ, that was when I came to see the beauty of the Holy Bible. It was then that i really came to know and understand the saving grace and power of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the great love of our Almighty Father for sinners like me. I disposed all my collected Catholic books, ranging from diaries of different saints, books and encyclicals (Dei Verbum) written by JP II, and their thick Catechism book. It was really hard for me to let go of those things but I was able to dispose them. Right now, I’m collecting books written by Christian authors, from well-known Christian writers like Bunyan of Pilgrims Progress, A.W. Tozer, James Bryan Smith, John MacArthur, John Piper, and Philip Yancey to modern Christian writers like Francis Chan, Max Lucado and to the not so well-known like Baptist pastor Michael Catt, Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Kenneth Boa, Robert Bowman Jr., Eric Bargerhuff and the End Times writer Jeff Lasseigne. It’s all about HIM now. I look up to Our Lord Jesus, and vying to be more than a fan of His but a true follower, still running the race.

Right now, I came to like collecting bibles. Protestant bibles have a lot of translations, from the King James version down to the New Living Translation. For some, they opt to use and read other bible translations. One that is readable and one that is also easily understood. Others stick to the King James Bible, maintaining their stand that this is the only bible that is not corrupted. But what about the bible in other languages? Are they also corrupt? We are here to be the light of the world and to be as one church and not to be divided just because of these bible issues. Know that it is certainly not the first English bible translation before King James did the "bible project" of his. Well, a lot has been said about that. KJV pros and the “any Bible translation” people. I will not dwell on that argument because in this post I will talk about the Bible that I have acquired through the years. The important thing is to preach the good news and to obey Christ and to fulfill His great commission.

My first bible was “The Picture Bible”, it was really entertaining, since the bible was turned into a comic book. For me as a kid, reading the bible was too taxing. Then came my Catholic bible – The Christian Community bible. I remember recently when a friend of mine asked, how will she know if the bible is Catholic. Simple, just look in the left side page, and if the bible has “imprimatur” (signature of the bishop and cardinal), it means that the bible is free from doctrinal errors and has been check ed by the church. For my bible collection and reviews just read my lists below.

1. King James Version – (hard bound) I bought this less than 500 bucks in the year 2010. This is printed by Philippine Bible Society. The classic well-loved bible. Reminds me of Shakespeare’s writing when I read it. A must for every bible collector. You can carry it with you since it is small.

2. New International Version – (Gift and Award Bible soft-bound) this one is from Zondervan publishing. What I like about it, is that it is cheap, the cheapest bible that I have it costs less than 500 bucks. And the words of Our Lord Jesus is printed in red-letters. The text is a bit small only. Anyway, since it’s a small bible you can carry it also with you anywhere.

3. English Standard Version Study Bible – (Hard bound) This one is by Crossway bible. One of the first expensive bible that I bought. Recommended by our pastor’s wife. This one is a good study bible. Very readable. It has colorful maps, and you can even use the website and access it through the password that they provide when you buy the book, so you can also study online. Though I don’t visit their site always. I use this bible at home, it is not ideal to carry with you anywhere since its thick, big and heavy.

4. Magandang Balita Biblia – (soft bound) This one is by Philippine Bible Society. The first Tagalog Bible of mine. I like it because the book has indexing tabs. Though some of the bibles that were printed in the later years after 2010 doesn’t have tabs which is quite difficult for me to locate the books. Suggested by my former boss, since Tagalog bible is easily understood and every book has an introduction and explanation. This bible is kinda thick and a bit big for me. What I did is I left it at the office so I have an extra bible I can use or to share with my fellow bible mates if they don’t have a bible with them.

5. GOD’s Word for Each Day – (soft bound, GOD’s Word Translation, Green Key publication), bought this at Fully Booked in SM The Block. This bible has a daily bible reading plan. What I like about it, it has a passage/chapter overview explaining each chapters and a summary. There is also a question and answer part in the margin, question commonly asked by bible students. So it also act as a simple study bible. The text is readable, as explained in the introduction it looks and reads as an American contemporary literature. This is not a huge bible so you can carry it with you and you may use it as a study bible. This is one of my most used bible, with highlights and notes and I even put an indexing tabs.

6. New Women’s Devotional Bible (New International Version) – This bible is the most expensive one that I have. It is leather bound and the price is 1,950 bucks. I really wanted to have a devotional bible because I’ve seen some of my bible mates in the office having their own devotional bible. This is a real pretty bible, by Zondervan again. It is in Italian Duo_tone color (pink and brown) so it is really very feminine. It has devotions connected to scripture passages, it has a full year devotion written by women for women as mentioned in the packaging box. It is readable, two column-format and attractive two-color design (text). I thank my Christian sister Eliza (Lhyza) for giving me this bible.

7. Life Application Study Bible (New Living Translation) – This is by Tyndale publishers. William Tyndale is one of the pioneers in making the bible available to English people. So I’m glad I have a bible from the publisher named after this man. I was not able to find a Max Lucado Devotional Bible in OFM Christian store yesterday so I opted for this one. It is soft-bound and its still a bit pricey 1000+ bucks. Anyway, this one is a gift to myself, in remembrance of my graduation in my Graduate studies/masteral. What I like about this is that it has lessons, bible characters explanations and a bit similar to the life application bible written by famous bible scholar Dr. Charles Stanley. This is the bible that I think I’ll use everyday. I also put  indexing tabs on it for easy location of the bible books.

So that’s the lists of my bible collection and review. In the future, I want to have a MacArthur bible or the Max Lucado Devotional bible. So for those of you reading this post of mine. A bible will certainly make my day! This is not the end of my review. Just wait for the second part. I will still buy other bible translations in the near future. And remember, read your bible! I remember a nice saying about a worn-out bible. "A bible that is falling apart, belongs to someone who isn't." Another that I want to share is the thoughts of another blogger about a worn-out bible, "The well-worn pages of a Bible tell a beautiful story. Every wrinkle marks a spot where someone came to meet GOD." As Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus (a.k.a St. Jerome) have said, “Ignorance of the word of GOD (scripture), is ignorance of Christ Jesus.

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How good it is to speak with You Oh! Lord.
So I'll do pour out my spirit in Your hands.
So dear to receive the secrets of Your plans.
How beautiful to share my heart with You.

Your Word like sweet honey in my mouth,
Your voice like the greatest rumbling sound.
Your promise is always fulfilled.
How splendid to understand/penetrate Your will.

How precious it is to uncover Your ways,
So glorious to contemplate Your mysteries.
So wonderful the recall of Your victories.
How precious to hear what Your heart can say. 

How good it is to speak with You Oh! Lord.
So I'll do pour out my spirit in Your hands.
So dear to receive the secrets of Your plans.
How beautiful to share our hearts with You.


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